How to Take Care Your Skin

Some people lack time for intensive skin care, if you are such kind of a person there is no need to worry as you can still pamper and take good care of your lovely skin. Healthy lifestyle and good skin care can help delay aging process and also prevent some skin problems. Here are some of the ways to take good care of skin daily.

Protect your skin from direct sun

It is important to protect ones skin from direct sun since lifetime sun exposure regularly causes wrinkles, age spots and many other skin problems, it can also increase the chances of suffering from diseases like skin cancer. To completely protect your skin from direct sun it is important to practice the following measures

  • Use of sunscreen: using a rbroad spectrum sunscreen which contains a sun protection factor of at least fifteen in number. The sun screen should be applied generously and should be reapplied after every two hours or even often to people who swim regularly in a day or people perspiring.
  • Seek a shade: this should be done by avoiding direct sun at particular time of the day especially from 10am and 2pm when there are very strong sun rays.
  • Putting on protective clothing: it is important to cover our skins with tight woven shirts which should be preferably long sleeved, wear long pants and wide brimmed hats, also consider using laundry additives that give clothes an additional layer of ultra violet protection for a number of times when washed. There are also special sun protection clothing which block ultraviolet rays.

Avoid smoking

Smoking in most cases make people look older and it also contribute to wrinkles, it also narrows the small blood vessels found on the outermost layers of the human skin and this decreases blood flow in the body. This reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen which are very important for the skin. Smoking damage collagen & elastin which are the two main fibers that gives skin the strength & elasticity. Moreover facial expressions made during smoking like lips pursing and eyes squinting to keep your out the smoke also contributes to wrinkles. So quit smoking for a healthy skin.

Treat the skin gently

Cleaning and shaving of the skin daily keeps the skin very gentle, it is good to avoid very hot showers and long births as this may remove oils from the skin and make it dry instead use warm water and limit your shower and baths time. Strong soaps and detergents should be avoided when cleaning and when bathing this is because they can strip skin oil so it is always wise to choose mild cleanser.












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