Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips for Summers

During the summer, your skin is prone to damage. One common cause of skin damage during summer is definitely exposure to sun and other weather elements. The skin is an important part of our bodies, and its colour and complexion depicts the beauty in us. No one would like to have his or her skin ruined during the summer, and here is a few tips which can be of great help when it comes to skin care practices.

1. Keep your skin and body hydrated.
Summer is characterized by the presence of a scorching sun, and in such times, your body tends to loose a lot of moisture. This means that you have to replenish the water, so as to maintain the health of your skin. For you to stay hydrated, it is advisable to drink a lot of water and other drinks so that your skin remains moisturized and soft.

2.Use a toner

A toner is significant in keeping your skin cool and making the pores to remain open. Toning your skin is very important in ensuring that your skin is healthy as desired. Get into the market and purchase a skin toner which will suit your skin. You can try rose water skin toner. Rose water is a natural skin toner which is full of cooling propeties. This makes it the perfect toner for your skin during the summer season.
3. Protect yourself from the sun rays

During the summer, the sun gets ‘hotter’. The heat from the sun can cause damaging effects such as sun burn on the skin. The rays of the sun are said to be strongest between 11 AM and 3 PM, because the sun is overhead during this time. If possible, stay indoors during such times. Either way you can also apply all-important sunscreen, 30 minutes before you get out of the house. If you have been out of the house for sometime, and you have been exposed to sun rays, you can use the sunscreen for protection against the effects that the rays of the sun might have had on you.
4.  Cleanse your face

To protect your facial skin, it is advisable to cleanse your face at least twice in a day.  You should do this even if you have been in the house for the whole day. Also, ensure that you cleanse your  skin before you retire to bed.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation of the skin is important because it helps in the elimination of dead skin therefore improving the circulation of blood to the face. Exfoliation is done by the use of cosmetics scrubs. Such products can be found in the market even though you can be able to make your own homemade cosmetic scrub.
6. Used water based moisturizers on your skin

You should have a moisturizing routine for your skin. Moisturizing your hair is important because it ensures that your skin remains hydrated. Water based moisturizers are often used because oily based moisturizers can be too oily at times.